Our mission is threefold:
• Excelling in customer satisfaction and exceeding customer expectations
• Creating value for customers through cost-effective means
• Becoming the industry's go-to company for end-to-end transportation solutions.


Dome Chartering & Trading Corp. aims to be a global leader in providing maritime solutions through innovative and sustainable resources.


  • SAFETY – Dome Chartering and Trading seeks to ensure the highest standards of safety and environmental compliance.
  • GROWTH – Dome Chartering and Trading takes a high growth approach to the mature business in which it operates. Dome Chartering and Trading is always open to new ideas and can adapt quickly to new ways of operating.
  • EXCELLENCE – Employees at Dome take pride in what we do, work hard in doing so, and always strive to be the best at what we do. We believe in continuous improvement and success by following our clients, listening to their requirements, and tailoring our business to provide a superior service for them.
  • INTEGRITY – Dome believes in operating with integrity, kindness, and ethical behavior at all times; being honest and transparent with our customers, vendors, and employees, all of whom we depend upon for our success; and in demonstrating loyalty to our clients and partners, and respect for everyone we encounter.

Our Story

Dome Chartering & Trading Corp. was started by three classmates from New York’s Maritime College at Fort Schuyler. After graduating together, they all pursued different paths both afloat and ashore before crossing paths in Manhattan, where they were all working in the merchant shipping industry in various capacities. Together they saw an opportunity to position a competitive ship brokerage shop in the US market.

In 2000, with the addition of a fourth principal, Dome moved its offices to Annapolis, Maryland on the edge of the Chesapeake Bay. Since then, Dome has grown both in size and cargo volume, and maintains full commercial control over a fleet of both US Flag and Foreign Flag vessels. Dome has carved out an enviable position as an active player in various niche markets.