Dome Chartering & Trading Corp (DCT) is committed to being on the forefront of international logistic techniques and to being diversified in the size and type of cargo we ship. We provide consulting and trading of various commodities including salt, steel products and associated commodities, aggregate, and agriculture products. Our services also include terminal storage, cross docking and packaging.

Commercial Manager for Dry Cargo Ships

Dome’s services include dry cargo chartering to a variety of diverse ports around the world. We were former owners of the Wind series of ships namely Summer Wind, Desert Wind and Stellar Wind. We have expertise with a variety of cargos including bulk, break bulk, specialized cargoes, hazardous materials such as IMO and appendix B cargoes, and explosive/flammable and breakbulk – heavy lift cargoes, including ammunition all IMO1.1 up. Dome also has expertise in managing vessels in niche trades and countries that have cabotage rules. In addition, Dome works exclusively and semi-exclusively with various steel mills, charterers and traders globally.

Commercial Management Services

Advanced technical and commercial management:

  • Operating services for dry cargo and tanker vessels
  • Time charter and voyage chartering
  • Bareboat chartering
  • Port captains and Stow plans
  • Charterers liability insurance and FDD
  • Final hire and freight calculations
  • Grab rentals
  • Sale and purchase brokerage/consulting for used and new buildings
  • Door-to-door logistics brokerage/consulting
  • Parcel bookings

Technical Management

In addition to Dome’s commercial management expertise, Dome Chartering & Trading works closely with partners who are able to provide technical management, crewing, safety and financial and advisory services for our clients. Whether you are a ship owner or operator, Dome is able to offer a full range of commercial and technical management services.

Dome is proud to offer the following services, via a 3rd party ship manager, to their clients:

  • Vetting and Compliance Services
  • Safety and Security
  • Lifeboat Servicing and Testing
  • Ship Maintenance (dry dock and repair)
  • Purchasing Services
  • Crew Management
  • P and I and Hull insurance/FDD
  • Shipyard/ship new build and repair/regulatory services

Dome has the experience necessary to manage vessels for other vessel owners, ship operators and financial institutions. We currently manage a fleet ranging from smaller coasters, up to Panamax size vessels. We also are specialized in non flags of convenience such as US, Mexican Flag, Venezuelan flagged vessels. Our diversity of experience and proven track record ensures that Dome Chartering & Trading will competently and safely manage your next project.

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